Blake Communications is a strategic communications firm focused on building community and creating impact through a strategic and creative approach to communications. We do this by bridging existing gaps in communication, developing long-term relationships and providing educational opportunities for growth.

In our client work, we seek businesses and organizations focused on creating unique experiences that enhance communities, whether that be through arts and culture, education, special events, exhibitions, sustainability, technology or targeted programs and initiatives.

Blake is not a traditional public relations firm. While we leverage media relations as an important communications tool, we approach all projects from a holistic, strategic standpoint to determine the best way to foster communication and awareness with an end goal of creating impact.

We take all clients through a process of discovery, direction, delivery and impact to create the consistent and effective communication practices that drive results.

In addition to strategic communications for clients, we provide services for communication professionals to expand their level of knowledge and learn about the strategy and practicalities of communications and public relations.

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